Páteo de Alfama

The Páteo de Alfama is located in the palace of the Lady of Murça (Palácio da Sra de Murça in Portuguese), in one of the most captivating streets of Alfama. Situated halfway between the cathedral and the castle, it is part of the traditional tourist route of Alfama as well as the Lisbon’s city wall tour. The biggest fragment of the oldest city wall, called “Cerca Velha”, built in the 5th Century by the Romans and enlarged by the Arabs and then the Goths, can be seen in the courtyard and interior of the palace. Several artefacts from excavations in the surrounding area are on display.

The palace has two dining rooms: one set up for fado and folklore shows and the other solely dedicated to fado performances. In the summer, customers can enjoy lunch or a drink in the relaxing, typical atmosphere of the open-air courtyard.